Invite a Real Life LOL Dolls to Your Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Curious Cutie loves birthdays, and wants to come to your little one’s birthday! This cute LOL Doll inspired character has everything you need to make your party a hit; face painting, balloon twisting, story time, magic tricks, and her favorite, ribbon dancing! This silly doll loves to play games so be ready for freeze dance and Cutie says! Call her at Royal Entertainers!

Flip Your Fins With Real Mermaid sat Your Pool Party in Dallas Fort Worth!

We have many different mermaid friends who would love to swim with your little guppies at their birthday party! She has lived in the water all her life so she will have many ideas of water games for them. She will bring toys, bubbles, and music, and tattoos! Your mermaid can also give a personal lesson on how to swim like a mermaid, and give you a chance to race her across your pond! Find her at Royal Entertainers!

Who’s Ready for a Princess Belle Makeover! Dallas Fort Worth

After watching the Beast transform from a monster in to a lovely gentleman, Princess Belle knows more about make overs than most and she wants to share her secrets with you princess party group! She will start with glittering face painting, and if you invite one of her royal assistants, they can do manicures and hairdos! You can’t keep Belle away from a good book, so she will gather your group for story time and magic tricks before signing autographs for all the children! Invite her today!

Invite Showgirls to Your Next Event in Dallas Fort Worth!

Looking for something new and fun to make the memories of your event long lasting? These beautiful showgirls are sure to surprise your guests and bring the sparkle to all of your photos! Always with a smile these ladies will mingle with your party attendees and teach them how to pose like showgirls, leaving all of your pictures entertaining, colorful, and most importantly memorable. Invite them at Royal Entertainers!

Invite Tinkerbell to Fly into Your Event in Dallas Fort Worth

Tinkerbell loves making new inventions, and making new friends! She will be so excited to come play games and tell stories with your little ones at your event! She dusts all of her face paintings with a little pixie dust for luck, and needs your childrens’ help to perform some magic tricks! This playful fairy also loves to dance, as long as there’s room for her wings of course. Invite her through Royal Entertainers!

Walk Once Upon a Dream with Sleeping Beauty in Dallas Fort Worth

Princess Aurora is awake and ready to dance with your little ones for their birthday party! No dragon can keep her away from face painting some lovely designs and teaching your little princesses how to act like royalty through story time. She will coronate the birthday girl as an honorary princess complete with a crown! And she will leave plenty of time for photos with all of your guests, invite her today!

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You Don’t Have to Fight to Have Wonder Woman at Your Party in Dallas Fort Worth!

Wonder Woman loves nothing more than to show the little ones exactly what you need to be a true hero. She will not only face paint each child to match their true superhero identity, but she will also take them through her training course right in your backyard! Your children are sure to receive their trainee tattoos if they get through all of her obstacles and make a superhero pose to finish in style! Learn how to fight with Wonder Woman from Royal Entertainers!

Minnie Mouse Party in Dallas Fort Worth!

Minnie Mouse absolutely loves the little ones! She also loves to tell stories about all of the silly things her husband gets himself into with his friends. She will take a break from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to do face painting and show magic tricks at your birthday party! Minnie also loves dance parties! So you can expect she will bring ribbons and music to dance the day away with your party group. Contact her today!

Go Adventuring with Jake the Neverland Pirate! Dallas Fort Worth

Ahoy Mateys!! Does you little one want to learn the ways of being a real pirate? Invite Jake the Neverland Pirate to teach his ways. He will bring his adventurer obstacle course to train your party groupto be prepared for anything a treasure hunt might throw at them. He can also twist each kid a balloon sword of their own, and teach them some sword training! Ask for more details from Royal Entertainers!

Use the Force With Rey at Your Star Wars Party in Dallas Fort Worth

Invite Rey to your Star Wars themed party to train your little Jedis on the use of the force and self defense training. She will take them through her obstacle course and congratulate all who make it through with a special temporary tattoo! She will also bring face paint fun and use the force for a magic show! She’s waiting for your call at Royal Entertainers. Just make sure Darth Vader doesn’t follow her in!