Incredibles Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Edna, Violet, no matter who your favorite is, invite the family of Incredibles to your party to teach you the ways of being a super! Their hero training course will have your party group turned into supers in no time! Book with Royal Entertainers

Pocahontas Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Invite this Native American princess to your birthday party or event to entertain all the the children! She can give them tribal face painting, and play games and show them magic tricks she learned from grandmother willow! Be careful, her raccoon friend Meeko might stow away to win the fun. Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Character Entertainment for Kids Parties

Start your engines, racers. Your favorite Sugar Rush Racer is here and she’s ready to have a super sweet time with you. Candy in her hair and some tricks up her sleeve, Vanellope Von Schweetz is the perfect character to bring some extra fun to your next party. Click the link below to Book Now.

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Shimmer and Shine Party Idea Dallas Fort Worth

Your Shimmer & Shine genie event can really stand out with some very magical special guests to entertain your party group! Invite the genie sisters for face painting and balloon twisting to make sure each child gets time to take to them and feel their magic. They will then bring the whole group together for story time and magic show to show off their powers! Shimmer & Shine will teach them all their silly genie moves during ribbon dancing before leading a coronation and cake ceremony! Call them with Royal Entertainers!

Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party

Pack your trunks; all aboard the Hogwarts Express! Looking for a magical experience of a lifetime? Look no further with our brand new Hogwarts Students. Practice your swish and flick because magic is on the lesson plan. Hop on your broomstick and fly faster than the golden snitch. You won’t want to miss a chance to escape to the Wizarding World. Call for more details – 619-922-4830

Open Monday thru Friday 9a to 5p.

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Ninja Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Is your little one running around playing ninja and imitating Ninjago? Get him and his friends a real ninja to train them at his birthday party! Our ninja will bring an obstacle course to train your party group for treacherous adventures. Then make them each balloon sword and take them through a lesson on how to use it on their enemies. They will be congratulated with a special tattoo when their training has been completed and they bow to their sensei. Find this sneaky ninja at Royal Entertainers!

Princess Party Planning Dallas Fort Worth!

Princess Aurora is perfect to add that pop of pink you are looking for at your little one’s birthday celebration! She will bring her magical activities to keep your party group entertained and smiling your whole event. Starting with a royal coronation for the birthday princess she will then do face painting so each child feels special! She will get them involved in a story time, magic show, and ribbon dancing. Invite her with Royal Entertainers!

Learn Archery From Merida! Dallas Fort Worth

When you invite Princess Merida to a party you can’t expect her to leave her bow and arrow at home, instead each of your children will get one on one time with Merida so she can teach them to shoot as well as her! Along with face painting, magic, and dancing, your party group will fall in love with the Brave Princess! Ask Royal Entertainers about more details today!

Ninja Entertainer

Swift as a coursing river and courageous as a lion, our Ninja performer is perfect for your child’s next party. He’ll teach your boys and girls agility, quickness, and bravery with our obstacle course and nunchuck demonstration. He’ll also show them that not everything is what meets the eye with a short magic show. They’ll learn to defeat bad guys and show mercy on those who deserve it. It is the way of the Ninja. Also available by request, Zane and Kai from Ninjago! Call for availability or book today by clicking the button below.

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Invite Belle For Story Time in Dallas Fort Worth!

The only thing Princess Belle loves more than the Beast is reading! She would love to come do story time with your little ones after giving them beautiful face paints or glitter tattoos! After living with the Beast in his enchanted castle she has also learned some magic tricks that are sure to amaze your children. Invite her with Royal Entertainers!