Jojo Siwa Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Does your little dancer absolutely love dance moms? Is Jojo her favorite superstar? Invite her biggest fan to your party today! This high energy, silly character wants to share everything she knows about Jojo, and teach your party group some of her moves! She will play music, do face painting, and dance the day away at your event. Call her at Royal Entertainers!

Facepainters in San Diego

Included in all of our female performer’s acts is the crowd pleasing art of face painting. With many designs to choose from including butterflies, snowflakes, and swirls as well as puppy dog faces, superhero masks and spiders and many more, your guests are sure to be impressed with what our talented performer’s can do. This part of the performance also gives each child around 3minutes of personal time with their favorite characters before they return to all of the other fun group activities included in our price. Prepare to be dazzled when you choose Royal Entertainers for your party entertainment. 

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Lego and Friends

Mia from Lego and Friends is ready to get out of the stables and hang out at your birthday party! You can count on Mia to tell stories about all of her friends, animals, and animal friends. This hardworking girl knows how to get stuff done, so she is sure to bring lots of fun activities for your party! Invite her at Royal Entertainers!

Princess Tea Party! Dallas Fort Worth

You’ve been planning your birthday tea party and there’s only one more thing left to add, a princess! Princess Aurora or any of her royal friends are what will take your event from just fun, to a magical day to remember. She will coronate your child of honor and sit at the head of the table for lessons on how to be a proper princess! She can also show them some magic tricks, and teach them how royalty dances at their extravagant balls!

Misty Wants to Help You Train Your Pokemon! Dallas Fort Worth

You got to catch em all!! And Misty wants to help! Invite her to your Pokemon party so she can tell you all about her pokeball adventures, but make sure you don’t invite Psyduck! She will face paint the children’s favorite characters, and take them through an obstacle training course so they are ready to go searching on their own. Call her at Royal Entertainers!

Little Mermaid Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Don’t let Princess Ariel come to your party all alone, invite her dad! King Triton would love to come to your event to teach the children all about what it’s like to be the King of the Ocean. His powers also allow him to do some silly magic tricks, and Ariel has taught him to twist balloons! Invite this father daughter duo to your next event with Royal Entertainers!

Princess Characters San Diego

Its a Whole New World and this Arabian Princess is ready to share all the unbelievable sights and wondrous things she has found. Come sail away on a magic carpet ride fit for a princess and invite her to your next Royal Engagement. She sings, she tells stories, she does beautiful face painting and even a little bit of magic Genie taught her. Book her alone or with her charming prince, Aladdin. Click the link below to book now!

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Invite Flynn Rider to Your Tangled Party in Dallas Fort Worth!

Is Flynn Rider a prince or a thief? You decide at your next event! Invite him along with Rapunzel to add some sass to your event and even more fun activities! While Blondie is doing face painting, Flynn can make all the little ones balloons, and he has some very sneaky magic tricks to get them involved in. Call Flynn Rider and Rapunzel at Royal Entertainers today!

Vampirina Party Dallas Fort Worth!

This adorable little vampire wants to hang out with your party group at your event! She knows the best activities to keep all the children entertained; face painting, story time, balloons, magic tricks, and even freeze dance! All of the little ones will be overjoyed to meet this silly vampire and take home her autograph. Invite her at Royal Entertainers!

Pirate Party Ideas

Party with your favorite swashbuckling pirate, Captain Jack. He’s fun for all ages with his witty banter, his sword wielding skills, and his incredible luck when getting out of hairy situations. He’s a real charmer… once you get to know him. He’ll tell you all about his adventures on the Black Pearl and show you a few magic tricks he used to evade anyone who tried to stand in his way. Consider, too, a few of his mermaid friends to help spruce up the party. They’ll facepaint and sing as well as perform some elegant magic tricks that will have you caught in a trance. Book today using the link below.

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