Dia de los Muertos Event Dallas Fort Worth!

Our Dia de los Muertos character is perfect to add to your themed event! She is also perfect for Coco birthday parties! She will play with the children and give them face paintings and lead group activities so you can enjoy your event. She will perform magic tricks for them and get them dancing and laughing the night away! Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Children’s Entertainers Dallas Fort Worth!

Don’t let Batman come to your party alone, invite his side kick Robin to help accommodate your large party group! With both of these superheros hard at work, every child is sure to get their special moment with their hero at your event, and get the best superhero training the world has to offer! They will bring an obstacle course and other activities to get their recruits in shape to fight crime and earn their special tattoo!

Batman Theme Party Ideas

Batman – the masked vigilante who protects Gotham City – is coming your way to teach your little ones what it takes to be a true Superhero. With an obstacle course to teach the importance of agility, balloon twisting to show what you can do to distract evil villains and a few magic tricks he uses to get himself out of a tough spot, Batman is the perfect teacher. You can even invite Batgirl, Robin and a few of their other friends to show that everything is better when you’ve got a good team! Book online by using the link below or call 619-654-9321 for more information.

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Rapunzel Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Princess Rapunzel’s favorite thing to do is paint, and she wants to bring the color to your birthday party! She is sure to face paint a masterpiece on every child‘s face before before telling them the story of her perilous adventure with Flynn Rider. You can even invite him to do some balloon twisting! She will also get the kids involved in fun group activities and lead a coronation for your birthday princess! Invite her with Royal Entertainers!

Winter Wonderland Event Dallas Fort Worth!

Let’s plan your Winter Wonderland Event with Royal Entertainers! No matter what your idea or event is, we want to bring it to life for you. From children’s entertainment to stilt walkers, singers to acrobats, let us give you the best booking and performance experience you’ve ever had! Call us for more details!

Share the Love with Merida! Dallas Fort Worth

Merida wants to spend the day with your Brave Princess for her birthday! Let this princess help you to have to most relaxing party you’ve ever planned, she will take care of it all! She will open the festivities with a special coronation for the child of honor then continue the fun with face painting so every kid has their special moment with her. She will get the children all involved with group activities and performances! Invite her with Royal Entertainers!

Descendants Theme Party

They may have villainy in their veins but this daring duo are bent on being good. With lots of spunk to spare, they are the perfect addition to any party. They sing, they paint faces, they perform spell-binding magic tricks and more… invite them to your next party or event to see just what these magical maidens can really do.

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Oktoberfest Events Dallas Fort Worth!

Wanting to add something fun and entertaining to your Oktoberfest event? Invite Helga our Oktoberfest themed character to make all of guests’ photos special and memorable! If you have little ones coming your party she can entertain them with stories and activities! Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Funky Face Painter Time! Dallas Fort Worth

Your event needs a face painter, let this fun entertainer bring the excitement to all the little ones at your party! She can not only give them face painting to rock for the rest of your happening, but she will also bring group activities for them. Story time, magic tricks, games, and ribbon dancing are sure to have the leave your event with big smiles! Book her at Royal Entertainers!

Pocahontas Party Theme

Pocahontas is bringing all the colors of the wind your way. With adventure in her soul and kindness in her heart, this historic character will spark wonder at your child’s next party. Her little raccoon friend may even pay a little visit as well. Click the link below to Book Now.

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