Spidergirl Children’s Party Theme Dallas Fort Worth!

She inherited all of her dad’s spider DNA and is carrying on his legacy as being the friendly neighborhood Spidergirl! May Parker wants to take off her mask and meet her super fans at your next event! Before taking through her all important super hero training course, she will make sure each child gets a magical face painting. She will read them a story about her adventures and show them some of the magic tricks she uses to beat the villains. Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Elena of Avalor Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Elena is a brave and wise teenage princess who is learning to rule the kingdom of Avalor with the help of the Grand Council, and now she needs your help too! Elena doesn’t want to forget what it’s like to be a fun loving child, so she wants to come to your princess’s birthday party! She will bring music and face paints, dancing and magic, and who knows what else! Elena will present your child of honor with a sparkling crown so everyone throughout the land will respect her royalty. Invite her with Royal Entertainers!

Transformers Party Dallas Fort Worth

Autobots, roll out! Bumble Bee is so excited to come to your birthday party and learn more about how humans live their day to day life. His assistant can twist balloon swords for all the children so Bumble Bee can teach them some fighting techniques in case the Decepticons invade earth again. Make sure you wrangle up your little ones for this once in lifetime chance to take pictures with their favorite Transformer! Invite him with Royal Entertainers!

Jasmine Themed Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Princess Jasmine has had a taste of adventure with Aladdin and wants to tell your birthday girl all about it at her party! She will get your party group all together for an interactive story time and possibly show them some of genie’s magic. Jasmine loves color so she will be happy to face paint each of the children, then pass out ribbons for them to have a dance party! Invite her with Royal Entertainers!

Shimmer Genie Themed Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Shimmer and Shine are ready to make all your little princess’s wishes come true! She will be crowned the honorary Genie Princess for the day with a magical sparkly crown, and be the first one to get her face painted and nails manicured! She will be the special helper during the genie sister’s magic show, and help them lead a fun ribbon dancing party. Shimmer and Shine will make her the center of attention in all of your photos and give her and her friends personalized autographs! Call these genie sisters at Royal Entertainers today!

Rainbow Dash Party Theme Dallas Fort Worth!

The My Little Pony friends have had adventure with many human buddies and want to continue the fun at your birthday party! Rainbow Dash will blast some of your kids favorite tunes and lead them in a rocking’ dance party! She will also give them all colorful face paints or silly ballon animals and get the group together to help her with a magic show. If there’s time she will tell them a story about one of her adventures! Invite her at Royal Entertainers!

Fall Fairy Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Invite a whimsical fairy to your next event to add the extra magic and create playful memories with your party group! She will give each child sparkling face paints or colorful manicures. Your fairy will entertain the children with an interactive story time, magic show, and silly ribbon dancing with their favorite songs! She will create lots of photo opportunities for your fairy princess and even present her with a special crown! Book her with Royal Entertainers today!

Power Ranger Themed Party Entertainment! Dallas Fort Worth

It’s morphin’ time!! The power rangers need your little hero‘s help to save the world! But first, him and his friends will need to go through super hero training, and the Red Ranger can bring it right to your backyard. With balloon swords, an obstacle course, games, and stories, your child of honor will earn their super hero tattoo, and have fun too! Book him with Royal Entertainers!

Snow White Princess Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Let your birthday girl meet her favorite princess this year at her party! Snow White will bring entertaining activities for the whole party group; face painting or ballon twisting will kick off the fun! She will get the kids in a group to help her with a magic show and interactive story time. Then they will all jump of their feet for a swirling rainbow of ribbon dancing! Book her at Royal Entertainers!

Rapunzel Princess Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Invite Rapunzel to your upcoming birthday as a surprise for your child on honor! She will bring a special sparkling crown and coronate your birthday girl the honorary princess for the day! She will be Rapunzel’s little helper with her magic show and ribbon dancing, and the start of the show during the cake ceremony! Rapunzel will leave every child with a sparkling face paint design and an autograph to take home! Invite her at Royal Entertainers!