Tinkerbell Birthday Party Dallas Fort Worth

Faith, trust, and pixie dust! Invite Tinkerbell to leave her home in Pixie Hollow and entertain the little ones at your birthday party. She will have fun with glitter and colors with face painting , and keep all of your party guests’ attention during an interactive story time. Watch out for her wings during ribbons dancing! Each child will feel special at your event when they get a personalized autograph and help this fairy with her magic tricks! Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Ballerina Party Theme Dallas Fort Worth!

Plan your party with Royal Entertainers! Our highly trained performers can play any character to match your event theme exactly. Having a ballerina party? Invite a trained dancer to teach your party group a dance lesson with real ballet terms, ribbons, music, and more! But that’s not all she can do, your ballerina performer can face paint and even do a magic show! Call to book her today!

Fairy Godmother Winter Princess! Dallas Fort Worth

Our Fairy Godmother is an amazing character to book along with your princess to make sure that she has all the help she needs when dealing with large groups of children. She is also a beautiful addition to any Winter Holiday Themed events with her glorious white sparkly dress. All of the little ones will be dazzled by her when she guides them in dancing, singing, story time and more! Your event photos will be beautiful with the addition of this lovely winter princess, book her with Royal Entertainers!

Elena of Avalor Party Dallas Fort Worth!

Princess Elena of Avalor has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders learning how to rule the kingdom. She has been going on countless adventures that have been teaching her all she needs to know, and having fun along the way! Elena wants to continue the fun at your birthday party; with face painting, a story time of one of her adventures, royal dancing, and even some magic tricks she learned from her friend Mateo! Invite her today with Royal Entertainers!

Toy Story 4 Party Theme! Dallas Fort Worth

Toy Story 4 was a wild ride, and no one knows wild rides better than Jessie! Invite her to you next birthday party to wrangle your crazy kiddos and entertain them with fun group activities. Jessie loves to face paint, balloon twist, play games, dance, run around obstacle courses, tell stories, and more! She will fit everything she can into your Toy Story themed party to make sure it’s an event you’ll never forget! Yee- haw!

Star Wars Theme Birthday Party with Rey! Dallas Fort Worth

Of all of the Jedi’s Rey is one of the most courageous and strong and ready to fight for what she believes in! Invite her to your next event to help your children along their journey to become officially trained Jedis! With light saber training, an obstacle course, and other coordination games, Rey will train your party group in no time. She will also make sure they have loads of laughs and fun with face painting and autographs! Make sure your cameras are ready when you surprise your birthday princess with her favorite hero this year, with Royal Entertainers!

Invite an Astronaut to Your Space Themed Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Exploring space is one of this astronaut’s favorite things to do, he also loves to share his knowledge of the universe with children! He will keep your kids attention with fun activities like balloon twisting and magic tricks all the while teaching them about the galaxy around them. He will take them through a space travel training course so they will be ready to go on their mission into the unknown! Your party guests will be so happy with their photos and autographs from an everyday superhero!

Silly Photos with Princess Ariel! Dallas Fort Worth

Princess Ariel is the youngest, and silliest, mermaid out of all of King Triton’s seven daughters, and she wants to bring the fun to your birthday party! Ariel loves making fishy faces like her friend Flounder, and dancing like her trusted guardian Sebastian. She will bring music and ribbons to lead your party group in the dance party of the century! She will also do face painting, tell an interactive story, and maybe even show off some magic tricks! Invite her today with Royal Entertainers!

Dance with a Princess at Your Birthday Party! Dallas Fort Worth

No matter which mystical princess is your daughter’s favorite, Royal Entertainers wants to make her wishes come true! Invite a real princess to teach your party group all about royalty. She can guide them in whimsical dancing, give them each sparkling face painting, and perform magical tricks to wow the little ones! She will make sure every child feels special, but your birthday child will have everyone’s attention when she is coronated the honorary princess for the day! Call us today to plan your event!

Beauty and the Beast themed Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Tale as old as time with our Beauty and her Beast. Invite this magical duo to your next celebration. They start the party with a royal coronation for your birthday girl crowning her the royal princess for the day. They will lead your guests in dancing just like they do in their beautiful ballgown. Beauty will sing their signature song and the two will lead your guests in singing happy birthday before they head back to their castle. Click the “Book Now” tab to add some magic to your next event!