Frozen 2 Birthday Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Anna and Elsa have done a lot of growing up in Frozen 2, but still know how to throw an amazing royal birthday party! Let them take over your event’s entertainment and the children will have smiles on their faces the whole time. These snow sisters can do face painting and nail polish to make sure everyone feels like royalty, then they will sing all of your favorite songs while they lead a silly dance party! Ice Queen Elsa will show off her magic tricks, and Anna will make them giggle during an interactive story time. Call now to book your party with Royal Entertainers!

Red Ranger Hero Birthday Party Character in San Diego

It’s morphin’ time! Invite our Red Ranger to your next party! He will entertain all your heroes by telling them of all his intergalactic adventures! He will guide them through a power ranger training course complete with hurdles, balance pods and a tunnel to crawl through! Once all of your guests have completed their training he will join in to sing Happy Birthday before he’s off to save the world! Go Go now to our “Book Now” tab!

Supergirl Birthday Party Theme Ideas Dallas Fort Worth!

No such thing as a day off for super heroes, if there are no villains running amuck, Supergirl loves to train the generation of hero! Invite her to your next event to teach the little ones all about what makes a true superhero, physically and mentally. Once she makes sure they are fighting for the right reasons, her obstacle course and exercises will make sure they are ready to take on the bad guys. Once they make it through they can get face painting or tattoos before they deserve a big slice of cake! Call Supergirl today, and plan your party with Royal Entertainers!

Moana and Hula Theme Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Make a splash at your next party! Have a tropical celebration with Moana and her Hula friends! Our performers will teach you and your guests how to dance and celebrate with you! They can also give all of your little guests hula girl makeovers with face painting, nail painting and hairstyles. Click the “Book Now” Tab today to plan your exciting event!

Frozen Theme Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Are you ready to head into the unknown?! Invite Elsa and Anna on a journey to your next party, they will travel all the way from their kingdom! They love to sing and dance with your little guests, create face paint for everyone and Elsa will use her magic powers to create snow for everyone to hold! The sisters will join in the celebration of singing happy birthday to your little princess before they travel back to Arendelle. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Face Painting with Princess Jasmine! Dallas Fort Worth

Jasmine and Aladdin have been on many adventures together, and their next trip will be to officially coronate your little one the honorary princess of the day for her birthday! Complete with a sparkling crown, the day will be all about her. She will hold hands with Princess Jasmine during a dance party, be the first one to get her face painted, and be the special assistant during the magic show! Aladdin will make sure to keep Jafar away, and your little one’s day will be absolutely perfect when you choose Royal Entertainers!

Fairy Theme Birthday Party Characters in San Diego

Bring a little pixie dust to your next party! Our fairies are ready to bring some springtime magic to your guests with sparkling face painting, singing and ribbon dancing. Our fairies love music and would love to share their whimsical fun with all of you! Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Trolls 2 Party! Dallas Fort Worth

Who is ready for Trolls 2?!? Invite Princess Poppy to your next event before her new movie comes out to remind your little trolls how much they love her silly singing, dancing, hugging, personality! She will of course want to host a dance party, so be ready for colorful ribbons and fun jams Cooper picked out for her. She has been learning to paint from her troll friend Harper and is excited to face paint all of your party guests! Take amazing photos of the unforgettable moments your Poppy performer will create for your birthday princess, book her with Royal Entertainers!

Moana Birthday Party Theme Dallas Fort Worth

She’s been staring at the edge of the water, and has hopped on her boat to wayfind to your Moana themed birthday party. Moana will bring the magic to your little princess in the form of a royal celebration! She will sing their favorite songs, have a dance party with ribbons and music, and even show them amazing magic tricks. Each child will be so happy to have their special moment with Moana during face painting and autographs! Book her with Royal Entertainers today!

Spiderman Theme Birthday Party Character in San Diego

Invite Spiderman to swing into your next party! He will train your guests to be heroes with a superhero training course complete with hurdles, a tunnel of doom and a bad guy to defeat at the end. He will also twist balloons and join in to sing happy birthday before he’s off to save the city! Click the “Book Now’ tab today!