Book Here For Your Superhero-Themed Party in DFW

Book our friendly neighborhood spiderman for your party or event! This web-spinning hero loves to come and visit special events, saving the day with his funny antics and activities! He brings his own obstacle course and trains little superheroes to help others and use their powers for good. Book now and make your party SUPER!

Clown-Themed Party DFW

Cutesy the Clown loves to visit parties and make every person giggle! She has a bag of tricks and magic. Every child will love a visit from this silly clown. She has lots of jokes and gags to keeps smiles on everyone’s faces all party long! Balloon-twisting is one of her favorite hobbies and she loves to make puppies, flowers and more! Book her for your special event, birthday party, or playtime!

Spider-Man Theme Birthday Party Character in San Diego

Spider-Man is excited to swing into your next party! He will arrive ready to train your little ones how to be a superhero and lead them through a training course complete with hurdles, balance pods, and a tunnel to crawl through. He will also twist balloons and join in to sing Happy Birthday before hes off on his next adventure to save the city. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Book Us for Your Mermaid-Themed Party in DFW!

This magical seaking can’t wait to come to your event or party in DFW! He loves being under the sea, but he’s warming up to landfolk, so invite him today! He’ll bring his enchanted gold trident to make your party extra mythical. Our performers are talented entertainers that make sure every guest is having a dolphin-ately good time! Click “Book now!!”

Frozen 2 theme Birthday Party Characters in San Diego

Journey into the unknown with these frozen sisters! They are so excited to visit your next event! They will arrive and celebrate your birthday girl by crowning her the princess for the day, face painting and hair styles for all your little guests, and sing along with your favorite songs! Before heading back to Arendelle they will join in to sing happy birthday, help the birthday girl blow out the candles and make a wish. Do the next right thing and click the “Book Now” tab today!

Use Royal Entertainers for your Villain-Themed Party in DFW!

Our fabulous villains would love to visit your party or event this weekend. The evil queen can’t resist a good soiree, especially if there are lots of mirrors around. Be sure to tell her that she is the fairest of them all, or it may be, “Off with your head!” Each villain is equipped to entertain guests of all ages. This queen has magical face-painting, spell-binding magic show, and so much more! Don’t be afraid, click “Book Now!”

Captain America Theme Superhero Party Character in San Diego

Is your little hero ready to save the day? Captain America is ready to arrive at your next party and train your guests how to be real superheros with his superhero training course featuring hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel to crawl through and even a bad guy to defeat! Your birthday boy will feel like a true hero! Captain America will join in to sing happy birthday before he is off on his next mission. Click the “Book Now” tab today to start your adventure!

captain America Wonder Woman

Princess Themed Parties in DFW!

We have all the characters you could dream of! Our princesses are always in character, leaders in the party space, love kids, and are also talented singers and facepainters! If you book one of these fairytale characters your party is guaranteed to be wonderful. As we always say, two princesses are better than one! And in this case, four princesses! Click the “Book Now” button to make your party or event extra magical.

Spring Fairy Theme Party Characters in San Diego

Spring is almost here! Invite our beautiful floral fairies for your next event! They will add so much magic and beauty with their vibrant colored dresses and iridescent wings. Our Fairies will lead you little guests in ribbon dancing with whimsical ribbon wands, perform magic tricks and even paint beautiful designs on their faces complete with fairy dust! Click the “Book Now” tab today to add a little sparkle to your life!

Royal Entertainers Will Ace Your Mermaid Themed Party in DFW

With the temperatures rising, pool parties are going to be happening every weekend! Book us for your entertainment! Our beautiful mermaids will come from the depths of the oceans to sing songs, do face painting, and enchant your guests! Book today!