Sleeping Beauty Themed Party in DFW!!

Are you hoping that your party or event is wicked cool? If you said yes, you need to invite Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty!! Just make sure to hide any spindles you have lying around! The sleepy princess and devilish fairy can’t wait to visit in person or via video call! Either way, your little ones (and YOU) are destined to be entertained and create memories with these characters that will last a life time. They bring tales of the enchanting fairies, kingdom and life there! Click “Book Now” and see where this adventure takes you!

Teen Titans Themed Party in DFW!!

Who’s the amazing leader of the Teen Titans? That’s right, Robin! When he isn’t fighting crime with his friends, he loves to visit little superheroes and show them how to fight evil! He can come visit in person, or entertain via video call!! He brings an obstacle course, tales about Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg too! If you invite Robin or his friends to your event or party, you’re sure to have a blast. Click “Book Now” to see what adventures await!

Rapunzel Themed Party in DFW!!

This blonde princess is all about “long hair- don’t care!” You can have her visit you and your little ones in person OR online via video call! You might even peek Pascal hiding in her hair. Rapunzel will love to entertain your guests with silly tales about Maximus, Eugene Fitzherbert, and all of her other friends and their dreams. We all know she’s an amazing painter, but did you know she also loves to face-paint?! Rapunzel has all kinds of fun activities up her sleeves. If your little one’s dream is to see Rapunzel, look no further! Click “Book Now” to see all the fun options. We can’t wait to make your dreams come true!

Neverland Themed Party in DFW!

Bring Neverland to you and invite Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, and even Captain Hook! These silly characters can’t wait to come sing, dance, and party with all of your little ones! They have so many stories to tell about Neverland and their adventures, plus a magic show, and so much more! Click “Book Now” and start your adventure!

Wonderland Themed Party in DFW!

Want to take a trip to Wonderland for your little one’s birthday? Invite the one and only Alice to come celebrate with you! She will sing happy birthday (OR happy UN-birthday) and tell amazing tales of Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts! It’s a magical tea party when Alice is around. Invite her today by clicking “Book Now!”

Frozen Themed Party in DFW!

Princess Anna of Arendelle loves to visit the princesses and princes of the Dallas-Fort Worth area! Invite her to your party or event and you won’t regret it. Anna brings magical face painting, a thrilling magic show, and tales from Arendelle about Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff! She can’t wait to have dance parties with your little ones and sing her songs about her amazing life! Click Book Now to start the party!



Your character will call you between 12:30pm-3pm depending on the placement of your booking.

If you have any questions please email us at

Brave Princess Themed Party in DFW!

The beautiful, spunky princess of DunBroch makes any event better. She loves to tell tales of her adventures and magical life! I you invite her to your party you’ll see her fanciful magic show, fabulous face painting, and exciting games plus so much more! She might even bring the Queen of DunBroch to join in on the fun. This princess is no damsel in distress! She saves herself and makes sacrifices for her Scottish people! Book today to see the magic for yourself!

Love Themed Party in DFW!

Invite Cupid to your love-themed party! This silly god of love will make you fall in love with him! He will entertain every guest at your event or party with tales of his adventures and pranks! Click “Book Now” to see how this frisky guy will make your event go from fun to fabulous!

Pocahontas Themed Party in DFW!

Follow the colors of the wind to this beautiful Native American princess. She is fierce and playful and brings life to every place she visits. She will tell tales of John Smith, Grandmother Willow, and her tribe! Her wonderful story and song will enchant your little ones for hours. Invite her today to experience the magic for yourself! Click Book Now!