Having a Tea Party? Not Without Alice! Dallas Fort Worth

Set the table, bake the cookies, boil the water! Your tea party is here! Alice from Wonderland can show you everything she learned from the Mad Hatter about how to have a perfect birthday party! Once she makes tea out of her magic teapot she will read you a story all about un-birthdays! Every child will get some lovely and silly face paints and an autograph from their favorite Wonderland character!

Princess Personalized Video Messages!

Elsa, Cinderella, Belle and many more! We have all your favorites to choose from! Watch your personalized video over and over again! The perfect gift for a child celebrating birthday, or special day or a child who needs their favorite character to cheer them up! Our princesses will customize a personal message for your little princess! 2-3 minutes includes a greeting with their name, details about their celebration, and singing the characters well known song! Click the “Book Now” tab to make some magic!

Cinderella Themed Birthday Party in DFW!

Are you wishing for this lovely princess to visit your little one? At Royal Entertainers we love to make dreams come true. Invite Cinderella to your fabulous event or birthday party and watch the shock and excitement on your little ones’ faces! She will sing songs about her magical journey, tell stories about her prince and the castle, and face-paint too! For extra fun, invite Prince Charming or one of her little friends. Click “Book Now” to start your Happily Ever After!

Harry Potter Themed Party in DFW!

Pack your trunks; all aboard the Hogwarts Express! Looking for a magical experience of a lifetime? Look no further with our brand new Hogwarts Students. Practice your swish and flick because magic is on the lesson plan. Hop on your broomstick and fly faster than the golden snitch. You won’t want to miss a chance to escape to the Wizarding World. Click Book Now to begin your adventure.

Frozen Theme Character Social Distance Visits in San Diego

Having a car parade or would you like to see a character in-person? Elsa and Anna would love to journey all the way from Arendelle to entertain your family outdoors or wave to your car parade from your front yard! Lay out a blanket in the yard and let us create magic with social distance! Anna and Elsa will entertain on the front lawn or driveway with a princess coronation ceremony with a tiara to keep, story time, singing their favorite songs, magic and leading happy birthday! Click the “Book Now” Tab to bring some magic to your life!

Star Wars Theme Zoom Party

Would you like to see your favorite character from a galaxy far far away from your own home? Book a virtual Zoom party today! All of our characters will announce your little one the Jedi for the day and have a Q&A with all your guests, our characters can also lead a craft or virtual scavenger hunt and sing Happy Birthday at the end. Click the “Book Now” tab to get started!

Tinkerbell Party in Dallas Fort Worth!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust! Invite Tinkerbell to leave her home in Pixie Hollow and entertain the little ones at your birthday party. She will have fun with glittery colors during face painting, and keep all of your party guests’ attention during interactive storytime. Watch out for her wings during ribbon dancing! Each child will feel special at your event when they get a personalized autograph and help this fairy with her magic tricks! Book her with Royal Entertainers!

Frozen Themed Party in DFW!

Hey there princes and princesses! Have you been stuck inside your castle for too long and you are ready for some frozen magic? Invite the Frozen sisters to visit your little ones or have a video call with them while they in Arendelle! Our queens love to sing and tell stories, they will even perform magic just for you! For extra fun invite Olaf or Kristoff too! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Superhero and Princess Characters for Social Distance Visits in San Diego

Having a car parade or would you love to celebrate with a character in-person? Choose one of our Superheroes or Princess characters to entertain your family outdoors or wave to a car parade from your front yard with the birthday child. Our characters will entertain on the front lawn or driveway with a princess or hero coronation ceremony with a tiara or sword to keep, story time, singing, magic and leading happy birthday! Click the “Book Now” Tab to bring some magic to your life!

Princess Zoom Party Characters!

Would you like to celebrate with your favorite character? Our Princesses would love a chance to meet you, our calls include Q&A so you can ask them any question you would like, they will sing their favorite songs, have story time and perform magic! They will even sing Happy Birthday with all of your guests! Click the “Book Now” tab to add a little magic to your home!