Invite the Most Beautiful Queens to Your Next Event!

Do you have a party coming up? Well, no need to fear the Royal Queens are here. Make your San Diego Party that much more special with Arendale’s loved queens! This dynamic duo will wow you with their talent. Not only are they professionally trained singers, but they also are skilled face painters. Our Ice Queen and Snow Princess will lead in a sing along, magic show, and ribbon wand dancing where all your little guests will feel like true royalty for the day.

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Surprise Your Little Ones with Our Baby Shark Character!

This fun loving character never goes out of style! Not only does every little one love Baby Shark but his assistant is also filled with so many fun activities. With this duo you can be promised that this party will be one to remember. Baby Shark’s assistant will be able to lead an obstacle course themed to Baby Shark, face painting, singing and dancing to the infamous Baby Shark song, and so much more!

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Valentines Day is Near Love is Here

With February 14th approaching invite our Cupid character to your Valentines Day event! Our Cupid character is filled with so much love and fun, he will surely make your entire event one to remember. He is the perfect photo opportunity addition! Not only will he bring so much excitement to your party but he is also a skilled balloon artist capable of adding all the memorable experiences you can think of.

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Beat the Heat With Our Ice Queen Character

The San Diego sun is out, time to cool down your events with our Ice Queen Character! Although she is filled with Ice Magic, her presence is warm. Our Ice Queen will bring a smile to your little guests face with her beautiful voice. Singing along with them to all their favorite songs. She will also be able to lead so many fun activities. Such as, face painting, ribbon wand dancing, magic (including a snowy surprise) and so much more! All of our performers are able to bring the magic of happiness and fun to each party

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Start Your Spring with Our Rapunzel Character

Spring is almost near and luckily our Rapunzel character is here to make your Spring events memorable! This long haired beauty is so kind, adventurous, and talented. She will wow you with her beautiful voice, singing songs that every Rapunzel fan will sing along too. She also will lead in magic, ribbon wand dancing, photo opportunities, and so much more! Each one of our performers are professionally trained singers sure to make for a very fun night. Spring is all about flowers and vibrant colors, nothing says Spring more than Rapunzel!

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Looking for a Wonderful Night? Invite Wonder Woman to your Next Event!

Do you have a little Super Hero in your life? Well, give them a super special day by inviting Wonder Woman to your next event. She is strong, kind and full of talent. Not only will she make every guest feel like a Super Hero, but she will also do a Super Hero training course to teach them all that being a superhero entails. She will also wow all of your guests with her face painting skills enjoyable for all!

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Spring is Near, Bubble Girl is Here!!!

What says Springs better than our sparkly, colorful, and talented Bubble Girl! She is full of fun and joy, and will truly bring joy to your spring event. Our Bubble Girl character will wow you with her full interactive bubble show which includes a plethora of exciting bubble tricks. Including; magical bubbles that pop into a puff of smoke, a bubble dance party, and a photo opportunity for the birthday child, surrounded by bubbles. For your indoor Spring extravaganza we will add a special trick where the birthday child gets placed inside of a bubble! Having our Bubble Girl Character for your party will be a hit, a memorable addition to a wonderful event.

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Have an Out of this World Party With our Star Wars Themed Characters!

Star Wars is fun for all of all ages! For your next party invite one of our Jedi Knights for an out of this world experience. Not only will these characters wow you with their talent that will also perform interactive activities such as; a coronation with light up sword to keep for birthday child, photos, lightsaber training with lightsabers for the kids to use. Training also includes a duel with Darth Vader. Jedi Training course: An obstacle course featuring hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel to crawl through, a duel with Darth Vader and more. Balloon twisting, and autographs!

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Invite Our Pig Girl to Your Next Party!

We have characters for ALL ages, even the tiniest birthday child can have their favorite Pink Pig at their party! Not only is this such a fun character but she also leads so many interactive activities! Some activities include; face painting, singing and magic, ribbon dancing, a story time, photo opportunity and autograph cards! All that leave all your guests remembering this for years to come!

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A Super Birthday Party Awaits You!

Everyone wants to feel like a Superhero for the day, your next party can make the birthday child feel like a real Superhero by adding our American Captain Character! During your event he will teach all your little guests how to be a Superhero with his Superhero training course filled with balance pods, hurdles, and a villain to defeat at the end. He will also be able to do balloon twisting, photo opportunity, and autograph cards. Make your next event unforgettable with American Captain Character!

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