It is Not a Mystery Why You Should Invite this Dynamic Duo!

Planning a birthday party or an event? Well we have the greatest duo to add a memorable addition to your party! Not only are they a crowd favorite but they are also so talented! Our Scooby Dog mascot will wow you with his photogenic skills, giving everyone a chance to take a photo with him so they will never forget the best time ever. All the while, his beautiful assistant will be able to go through a mystery training course with balance pods, hurdles, and so much more. Training all the little ones how to solve any mystery. She can also do face painting and a dance party with all your little guests to give you and the other adults time to sit back and watch the fun. They will both create an event that will leave your guest talking about it for years to come. The perfect

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Book Our Beauty and the Beast Princess!

Learn how to be as polite as a princess with our beautiful Beauty and the Beast Princess. This intelligent Princess with teach every little princess how to be beautiful and brainy. She is not only smart, she is also extremely talented. a trained singer and a trained face painter! She will be able to lead a coronation ceremony, naming the birthday child the birthday princess of the day with a tiara to keep. She will also be able to conduct a ribbon wand dance making each child feel like royalty. This princess will leave you in awe with her kindness and talent.

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Invite Our Favorite Snow Princess and Villain!

Invite these fabulous enemies to your next event! They will be such a fun and funny addition to your party. Anna will be able to do so many fun activities, including: face painting, singing and magic, ribbon wand dancing, and so much more! Meanwhile, Hans will be able to do a themed obstacle course and balloon twisting. Both of them will bring such a fun element that will unforgettable!

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Spring is Here, Have No Fear Rapunzel is Here!

What says Spring like flowers and beautiful bright colors? Nothing says Spring time better than our beautiful Rapunzel character. Not only is her heart filled with kindness that will make each of your guest feel special, but she will also wow you with her unmatched talent. She is a trained singer and face painter. On top of that she will be able to lead in ribbon wand dancing and a coronation ceremony. Having our Rapunzel character will make your party one to remember.

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Invite Our Neverland Characters to Your Next Event

Allow Tinker Fairy to do Pixie glitter hair braids and face painting. Let Captain Hook teaches how to be the best pirate in all the land with a Pirate obstacle course, all the while Peter Pan can do balloon twisting for all your guests. This trio will wow you with their talents, fun for all ages and genders! Our Neverland friends will give you a night to remember, and leave your guests talking for years to come.

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Don’t Be Late, Book the White Rabbit for a Very Important Date!

Have a wondrous night with our, always on time, White Rabbit character. He is the perfect photo opportunity addition. With this character he will have a themed assistant who would be able to do face painting, singing and magic, ribbon wand dancing and so much more! Our Wonderland characters are truly a special add on to any event. They are also a classic duo that will leave your guests in awe.

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Bring Your Favorite Characters to Life, Invite Them Today!

Our beautiful Island Princess would love to be at your next party. Make any event a memorable one by brining your favorite princesses to life. She will bring so much joy and fun to your party. She is a skilled face painter and a trained singer. Not only that, but with our Island Princess, she will be able to teach hula to all of your little guest to add a special treat to an even more special day. With her you will have a fun night with singing, dancing, and magic. All will be lead by your character of choice giving parents a chance to just watch your little ones have a wonderful time, hassle free.

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Beat the Heat with Our Ice Queen!

As the days get hotter, cool off your parties with our beautiful Ice Queen in her white gown. She is a beautiful Queen that will make all of your little guests feel like a princess for the day. Parents, inviting our Ice Queen will make your party planning a breeze, she will lead in so many activities that you can sit back and watch your little ones have a great time. She is a skilled face painter and a trained singer. Not only that, but she will lead in ribbon wand dancing and magic!

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Invite this Wonderful Character to Your Next Event!

Make your next party one to remember with everyone’s favorite Wizard of Oz character. She has so many talents and moments that will make your party unforgettable. She is a wonderfully talented with a professionally trained voice and also trained in face painting. This character will also lead in so many activities such as, ribbon wand dancing, story telling and magic. All these things are included when you book our Wizard of Oz character.

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Make Your Next Party an Incredible One with Our Incredible Family!

This family will make your next event an INCREDIBLE one! Each family member will wow you with their skills from face painting, magic, and making everyone laugh with their fashion comments. They are fun for the whole family. This family is sure to make your night 100 times more fun.

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