Invite Our Spider Girl to Your Next Event!

She inherited all of her dad’s spider DNA and is carrying on his legacy as being the friendly neighborhood SpidergirlMay Parker wants to take off her mask and meet her super fans at your next event! Before taking through her all important super hero training course, she will make sure each child gets a magical face painting. She will read them a story about her adventures and show them some of the magic tricks she uses to beat the villains.

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Invite Our Royal Assistance to Your Next Party!

Every Prince and Princess need a Royal Assistant! What is better than a Royal Assistant? One that can face paint, balloon twist, sing, dance and lead a royal coronation ceremony! Our Royal assistants are wonderful additions to any party. Whether they are assisting a Princess or leading activities by themselves, we promise they will add a royal element to your next party.

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Invite Your Fairy Friends to Your Spring Fling!

Nothing says Spring like colorful fairies! Make your next party one to remember by inviting our ever so talented fairies with so many colors to choose from. Our fairies will make sure to make the birthday child feel so special with a gift from us to them! Not only that but she will make all of your little guests feel special by using her talent to face paint each guest. Then she will teach them all a fun ribbon wand dance, do a short interactive magic show, and lastly join in the cake ceremony; singing happy birthday before flying back to Neverland. Our fairies are sure to bring some Pixie Dust to your next party, that will keep all the parents spirits flying high!

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Dreams Come True With Royal Entertainers

A dream is a wish your heart makes! Our hearts are wishing to make your little one’s dreams come true. Invite Cinderella to your next party and see your guests’ faces light up as she enters with all of her grace and beauty. She’ll be sure to make your little princess feel special with a special coronation ceremony and her very own crown as a gift from us at Royal Entertainers. Then, see as your guests are dazzled by her artistry with beautiful, whimsical facepainting designs. She’ll serenade everyone with her angelic voice and mesmerize them with her story. After that, she’ll wow them with some magic tricks she learned from her fairy godmother. To wrap up the perfect party, she’ll take plenty of photos with everyone, sign autograph cards for each child to take home with them, and also join in the fun of the traditional Cake Ceremony by singing Happy Birthday as the cake is presented. No birthday is complete without the perfect birthday song.

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Invite Our Two Toy Friends to Your Next Party!

You’ve got a friend in Royal Entertainers! Let us be your party planning best friends, we are all you will need for an unforgettable party. These two characters will wow you with their skillful balloon twisting, story telling, and acting! Not only will they bring a fun element to your next party, but they will also train all of your little guest to fight crime with an interactive training course. This dynamic duo is one that will take all the weight off your shoulders and bring the party to you.

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Have a Wonderful Party With Our Wonder Woman Character!

Do you have a little superhero at home? If the answer is yes, then we have the best birthday surprise for them! Our Wonder Woman Character will wow you with all her super talents! She will start off with training all your little guests to be crime fighting super hero with our Super Hero obstacle course . Then she will wow you with her face painting skills for everyone to enjoy. There is no better character than Wonder Woman to enjoy the festivities with!

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Don’t Sleep on Adding this Princess to Your Next Event!

Our Sleeping Beauty Princess will not fall asleep at your event, on the contrary she will bring lively fun to your event! She will be able to do so many magical activities to your event. Starting with a Royal Coronation Ceremony naming the birthday princess the birthday princess of the day, face painting, singing and magic, ribbon wand dancing, and a story time to teach all your little guest what it is to be as polite as a princess! With our characters we ensure you’ll have a royally fun time that no one will ever forget!

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Ready to have a Super Fun Party?!

We have just the surprise to make your next party a super one, with our superheroes! Our superheroes are ones your guest will talk about for years to come! Not only will they bring the movies to you they also have so many tricks up their sleeves! They will start off with a royal coronation ceremony naming the birthday child the superhero of the day with a light up sword to keep and then they will be able to lead in a superhero obstacle training course! Lastly, they will be able to balloon twist fun balloon designs for all your little guests. Booking Royal Entertainers characters can ensure a super entertaining event for all age groups to love!

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Dreams Really Do Come True With Royal Entertainers!

Turn your dreams into a reality by booking one of our magical princesses today! Each of our princesses are classically trained singers, and face painters with years of experience under their belt. Our princesses will start off with a proclamation naming the birthday child the birthday princess of the day with a tiara to keep. She will also be able to do face painting, singing and magic, ribbon wand dancing, and a story time teaching all your little guest what it means to be as polite as a princess. Our princesses will bring the magic your little ones see in the movie right to your doorstep with detail oriented costumes and performers who are dedicated to making the story real.

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Invite Our Frog Princess to Your Next Event!

You don’t need to kiss a frog to make this dream come true, all you have to do is click the link below and book our Frog Princess with Royal Entertainers. Are you in need for some magic at your next event, well don’t look any further we bring lifelike princesses right to your doorstep. Our Princesses are classically trained singers, trained face painters and have years of experience under their belt. They will crown the birthday child to begin the magical party and then they will give each guest a beautiful face painting, lead a sing along and a ribbon wand dance party and lastly sing happy birthday to the special birthday child before having to make their way back to their castle.

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