Summer Pool Party = Royal Glam Mermaids!

It’s summer time and that means pool parties! Are you planning an extra special pool party? Well, we have the perfect addition for you. Our Glam Mermaids will make a splash at your party, Literally! They will be a wow factor that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Not only do they look like real mermaids with their illusion tail covering their feet, but they are also extremely talented! They will sing and dance making you and your guest get up off your feet and dance with them. Our characters are all professionally trained actors and singers making this fairytale experience come to life. Our Mermaids can also give each and every one of your guests a beautiful face painting!

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Invite Our American Girl Doll Characters To Your Next Event!

Summer is all about hanging out with your friends! Well, our American Girl Doll Friends want to spend your special events with you! Let it be a birthday party or just a fun family hangout our performers want to be there! Don’t miss out on this chance to have the most talented performers in all of San Diego at your next event. They are able to wow you with their fantastic singing and dancing skills that will make everyone get up and dance. They are able to face paint all of your guests leaving them with something they will never forget!

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Invite Spider-Man to Your Next Event!

Our Spider senses are tingling and they are telling us you need our Spider-Man Character at your next event! Our Spider-Man character is so much fun, full of life and SUPER talented. Some of the activities he will be able to lead are a super hero training course teaching all fo your little guests how to be a true super hero. After that he will be able to wow you with his balloon twisting skills! Lastly, before he leaves to save the world he will be able to sing happy birthday with all of your guests making the celebration one to remember!

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It’s A Whole New World With Royal Entertainers

You won’t need a magic carpet to make your Royal day come true! Just book with Royal Entertainers and we guarantee you’ll be astonished with the Royal treatment your guest will get. With our Arabian Princess your birthday child will be coronated in front of all their friends and family as the birthday Princess or Prince and given a ceremonial tiara or light up sword! Next she will be able to show off her face painting skills, singing talents, magic, and dancing. On top of all the wonderful activities she’d be able to lead, she will also be wearing a custom made costume and our professionally made wig. We guarantee with our Royal Performers you will have a night to remember.

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Don’t Hit the Snooze Button on Our Sleeping Beauty Princess!

Although the summer is the time to sleep, our Sleeping Beauty will be wide awake for your party and you should be too! When you book one of our Royals you are guaranteed to have a royally wonderful time! She will start off declaring the birthday child the birthday prince or princess of the day with a light up sword or a tiara to keep! After that she will wow your audience with her face painting skills giving each and every guests a royal look. After she is done with her Royal face painting she will then make everyone get out of their seats for dancing and singing which she will lead in. Mixed with some magic and a story time she has a perfect recipe for the best party ever! Lastly, she will sing Happy Birthday before she leaves the wonderful celebration of your Birthday Child

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Invite Our Rapunzel Character to Your Summer Party!

Summer is right around the corner, and what screams summer fun more than Rapunzel! Surprise your birthday child with our beautiful Rapunzel character! She will bring her special magical paints your kiddo will remember from the movie to the party for face painting that will be extra special. After that she will sing and dance to all the birthday Childs favorite songs from the classic princess songs all the way to our well known Frozen tunes! Rapunzel is an addition to your party that will keep guests talking for years to come!

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Let the Incredible Family Make Your Party an INCREDIBLE One!

This incredible family will wow your guests and keep them talking for years to come! Our Incredible Family characters will be able to save your party with obstacle courses making each one of your guests ready to be superheroes! They will also be able to do face painting and balloon twisting giving each kiddo something to remember the best party ever. These characters will wow you with magic and a fun dance party to end the most INCREDIBLE party EVER!

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Invite Our Ice Queen to Your Next Event!

Frozen never goes out of style! With her custom costume and beautiful voice, our Ice Queen will be a hit at your next party! Not only does her voice wow everyone around her but her face painting skills are unmatched. Our Ice Queen is an addition to your party that will keep your guests talking for years to come! To start she will begin with a royal coronation ceremony declaring your birthday child the birthday princess or prince of the day with a tiara or a lightsaber to keep! Making it known to everyone in the land that she or he deserves all the royal treatment given to them by our beautiful Ice Queen. She will also, after all other activities are complete, will sing happy birthday will all your special guests before making her way back to Arendelle to spend quality time with her beloved sister, who is available to invite as well!

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