This year, one of the #1 toys that Santa’s elves were asked to make were LOL Dolls, and it’s obvious why — they are definitely some of our favorite toys that are sweeping the nation! We have Queen Bee, Splash Queen, the Unicorn, and of course Curious Cutie! These costumes are all larger than life, and are extremely fun and whimsical. And, of them have more sparkles than you can count! Our LOL Dolls are all trained facepainters, balloon twisters, singers, and dancers. Our standard LOL doll party package includes: a special coronation moment for the birthday child in which they are given a crown that they can keep, facepainting, a dance party with ribbon wands, the birthday cake ceremony, photos, and autograph cards. Don’t hesitate, hire an LOL doll for your child’s birthday party!

Curious Cutie
LOL Unicorn

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