Spiderman is our most popular superhero by far, and if you want to see your child’s face light up with pure joy, you should consider inviting him to your child’s birthday party! Spiderman comes ready to train a whole new crew of superheroes. He will start of the event by crowning the birthday the child the official superhero for the day, and will even give them an awesome superhero sword to keep! Next, Spiderman will talk to the kids about what it takes to be a superhero, and then train them on a super fun obstacle course that is full of hurdles, jumps, and even a tunnel to crawl through! Spiderman also brings superhero tattoos to give to all the kids, so that they are officially superheroes before the day is over. Spiderman will also sign cool autograph cards for the kids, and then take some awesome photos. Don’t wait, make sure that your kid has a super awesome birthday by hiring Spiderman today!

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