Superhero Theme Characters in San Diego

spider-man batman Wonder Woman superman
spider-man batman Wonder Woman superman

Make your next party a super one! Invite one of our Superheroes to surprise your guests. Our heroes will take your little guests through a superhero training course so they can save the day! Our training course is complete with hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel of doom and even a baby to save from the bad guy. They will also create balloons animals and sign autographs. Our Superhero will finish off the party by joining in to sing Happy Birthday. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

The Little Mermaid Theme Princess Character in San Diego

Ariel would love to be a part of your world for your next celebration! She will crown the birthday child the prince or princess for the day! She got her voice back from Ursula so she would love to sing some of her favorite songs with you, dance with ribbon wands, perform magic tricks and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to add some magic to your life!

Glam Mermaid Party Characters in San Diego

Glam Mermaids

Head under the sea with our fabulous mermaid characters! They come right from the ocean with their bright and colorful tails, shells and hair! They can create the most magical party for you and your guests! Our mermaids are trained to create glitter hairstyles, paint faces and twist balloons! They love to sing and create magic. Click the “Book Now” tab to make a splash!

Descendants Theme Party Characters in San Diego

These villains are rotten to the core! invite our Descendants themed characters to your next party! They will be sure to ooze evil and entertain your guests with face painting, magic and teach a dance to their signature songs. They will teach your little villains all the ways to be wicked. Click the “Book Now’ tab to add a little evil into your life.

Trolls Theme Birthday Party Characters in San Diego

Add some smiles to your next event with Poppy the happiest character around! She is so excited to celebrate with your birthday child. She loves to sing, dance and always hugs her friends every hour, on the hour. She will lead all of your guest in a dance party they will not soon forget. She can even bring her friend Branch along for the party! Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Moana Island Princess Theme Character in San Diego

How far will you go to make your next party magical? Invite Moana and her Hula dancing friends. They will board her boat and sail all the way across the ocean from Motunui to bring island magic to your party. They will face paint all of your guests, sing songs and teach your guests to hula dance. Click the ‘Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Frozen 2 Theme Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Have you started talking to the pictures on the walls and you are ready for some magic? Invite the Frozen sisters to visit your little ones or host a Zoom party from their castle in Arendelle! Our queens love to sing and tell stories, they will even perform magic, dance and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Have Your Princess Themed Birthday Party In DFW!

Are you wishing for this lovely princess to visit your little one? At Royal Entertainers we love to make dreams come true. Invite Ariel to your fabulous event or birthday party and watch the shock and excitement on your little ones’ faces! She will sing songs about her magical journey, tell stories about her prince and the castle, and face-paint too! For extra fun, invite Flounder or one of her little friends. Click “Book Now” to start your Happily Ever After!

Princess and the Frog Theme Character in San Diego!

Do you love Tiana as much as we do!? She would love to visit you for your special day! She will crown your birthday girl the princess of the day with a crown to keep, sing some of her favorite songs, perform magic tricks, tell stories of the magic she experienced in her story and more! Tiana will join in to sing happy birthday before she heads back to her restaurant in New Orleans! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Princess Car Parade and Other Socially Distanced Fun in DFW!

Having a car parade or would you like to add some magic to a special day? Our princesses would love to visit and to entertain your family outdoors or wave to your car parade from your front yard! Layout a blanket in the yard and let us create magic with social distance! Our princesses will entertain on the front lawn or driveway with a princess coronation ceremony with a tiara to keep, storytime, singing their favorite songs, magic and leading happy birthday! Click the “Book Now” Tab to bring some magic to your life!