Island Princess Moana Theme for Birthday Party in San Diego

This Polynesian Princess is guaranteed to make your little one smile! Between the gorgeous flower crown atop her head, her long flowing hair, the intricate details on her top and skirt, and the heart of Te Fiti itself around her neck, Moana is guaranteed to make a splash at your event! Her performance includes: a princess coronation ceremony with a flower crown for the birthday princess to keep, island themed facepaint, singing, a dazzling magic show, hula dancing, photo opportunities, autographed photo cards and cake ceremony in which Moana leads guests in “Happy Birthday. Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Cinderella Princess Character for Birthday Party

Once upon a time Cinderella was excited to visit you and your little princess! This princess will travel by carriage from her castle to yours to celebrate. She will crown your birthday girl the official princess for the day, create dazzling face paint, use her beautiful voice for a sing along, teach the girls to dance at a royal ball, and sign autographs. She will help your little one make a wish and blow out her candles before she gives sweet hugs good bye. Click the “Book Now” tab today to start your fairy tale.

Frozen 2 Theme Characters for Birthday Party in San Diego

Are you ready to go into the unknown? Our ice queen is ready to show herself to your next event! She will even bring her sister along for the adventure. These queens arrive from the enchanted forest ready to celebrate with your little ones. They will sing, tell stories, lead dancing and even perform a coronation ceremony for your birthday girl crowning her the princess for the day. Do the next right thing and book today!

Superhero Character Visits in San Diego

Invite a superhero to entertain your little ones! Our superheros are ready to swoop in to visit with you and train your little heroes with an obstacle course with hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel to crawl through with a bad guy to defeat at the end. He can also sign autographs and sing happy birthday before he is off to save the city. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Magical Themed Party in DFW

Our magical fairies will fly to your party or event to enchant every person there. She’ll come with fabulous stories of her friends and adventures. All of our characters have magic shows, singing, dancing, and so much more fun! All the little ones will be thrilled with this magical fairy visit. Click “Book Now” to start the magic!

Princess Themed Party in DFW!

Our princesses are amazing at entertaining all guests at the parties and events they’re invited to. They come prepared with stories about their adventures, an astonishing magic show, dancing and singing, and so much more! This snow princess will tell tales about Arendelle and her sister’s magical snow powers. Click “Book Now” and start your party today!

Invite This Beauty To Your Princess-Themed Party in DFW

This beautiful princess would love to come to visit your little one’s birthday party or your wonderful event. She comes prepared to enchant all of your little guests with a magical show, marvelous story, captivating singing, and dancing, plus so much more! Click “Book Now” to ensure a magical day for everyone involved.

Princess Birthday Party Character in San Diego

Invite a princess to make your little ones special day full of magic! Our princesses arrive from the castle to help celebrate with a day filled with face painting, singing and dancing. She will make all your birthday dreams come true and even help your birthday girl blow out her candles and make a wish. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Superhero Themed Party in DFW!

Invite our superheroes to your event or birthday party! These heroes will make sure every guest at your event is having a super awesome time! Invite Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or any of our other talented heroes. These otherworldly characters come prepared to entertain with stories, obstacle courses, and so much more! Click “Book Now” to start your super adventure!

Arabian Nights Themed Party in DFW!

The beautiful princess Jasmine will use one of her three wishes to fly her magic carpet all the way from Agrabah to your wonderful Arabian Nights themed event! You could also invite her playful prince, Aladdin, and his silly monkey too! She brings face-painting, games, and a genie-powered magic show that will leave everyone feeling amazed and enchanted. A party with Princess Jasmine is one your littles will never forget. Click “Book Now” to seal the deal on this thrilling experience.