Frozen Party Characters in San Diego!

Have you started talking to the pictures on the walls and you are ready for some magic? Invite the Frozen sisters to visit your little ones or host a Zoom party from their castle in Arendelle! Our queens love to sing and tell stories, they will even perform magic, dance and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Holiday Characters in San Diego

We are SO excited for the holidays! We have lots of new characters and ideas to bring magic to any event! We offer Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Stilt walkers and so much more! We would love to help you plan a spectacular and memorable holiday season. Click the “Book Now’ tab today or contact us and we would love to help!

Halloween Characters in San Diego!

Are you planning a spooktacular Halloween celebration?! Invite one of our classic characters to your event! We have Princesses, Superheroes, Monsters, Witches and more! Our characters can help pass out candy, entertain your guests with magic, create twisted balloon designs and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to get started!

Poppy The Troll Theme Character in San Diego!

Add some smiles to your next event with Poppy the happiest character around! She is so excited to celebrate with your birthday child. She loves to sing, dance and always hugs her friends every hour, on the hour. She will lead all of your guest in a dance party they will not soon forget. She can even bring her friend Branch along for the party too! Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Descendants Mal and Evie Theme Characters in San Diego!

Drive By Character Parade in San Diego!

Are you looking to add some magic to your birthday car parade? Invite one of our characters to surprise the birthday child and wave to guests! They are sure to add an amazing sense of magic and excitement to your event. Our princesses can even sing to your guests as they drive by and bring a tiara to crown the birthday girl the honorary princess of the day. Click the “Book Now” tab to get started!

Moana Island Princess Theme Character in San Diego

How far will you go to make your next party magical? Invite Moana and her Hula dancing friends. They will board her boat and sail all the way across the ocean from Motunui to bring island magic to your party. They will face paint all of your guests, sing songs and teach your guests to hula dance. Click the ‘Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Frozen Theme Princess Characters in San Diego

Are you ready to head into the unknown?! Invite Elsa and Anna on a journey to your next party, they will travel all the way from their kingdom! They love to sing and dance with your little guests, create face paint for everyone and Elsa will use her magic powers to create snow for everyone to hold! The sisters will join in the celebration of singing happy birthday to your little princess before they travel back to Arendelle. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Batman Superhero Character in San Diego!

batman batgirl
batman batgirl

Quick, turn on the Bat-Signal! Batman is ready to race to your next party! He will arrive and train your little heroes how to defend Gotham city with a super hero training course. They will jump hurdles, crawl through a tunnel and defeat the bad guy! He will even join in to sing happy birthday before he is off to save the day! Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Captain America Theme Superhero Character in San Diego!

Invite Captain America to help celebrate your little heroes special day! He is available for video calls, personalized video messages and in person visits! His signature red white and blue uniform and custom shield are sure to impress! He will name your little one the official superhero for the day and sing happy birthday! Click the “Book Now” Tab to start your adventure!