Frozen Inspired Princess Birthday Party Characters in San Diego

Our Ice Queen is ready to join your party all the way from the North Mountain. She will even bring your sister! She promises only to warm the hearts of your guests. Your birthday girl will have her very own coronation day when she is crowned the princess of the party. The sisters will paint beautiful sparkling designs on all your little guests faces, sing with their gorgeous voices and even create magical snow for your little princesses to hold. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate with these sisters! Click the “Book Now” tab below!

Trolls Inspired Birthday Party Character San Diego

Add some smiles to your next event with Poppy the incredibly upbeat pink troll! She is so excited to celebrate with your birthday child. She loves to sing, dance and always hugs her friends every hour, on the hour. She will lead all of your guest in a dance party they will not soon forget. She can even bring her friend Branch along for the party! Click the book now tab below!

Face Painting Party Character San Diego

Let you child’s imagination run free with our talented face painter! She can turn your guests into sparkling princesses, whimsical butterflies, ferocious tigers, incredible superheros and much more! All of our painters are expertly trained with warm personalities and colorful costumes that are sure to make your guests feel comfortable. Add a little color to your next event and click the book now tab below!

Star Wars Inspired Party Characters in San Diego

Are you one with the force? Invite our galactic knights to train your little guests to be the most powerful in the galaxy! Our Knights’s will teach the way of the force with a lightsaber training academy, and show you the light side with their Mind Trick magic show. Each guest will receive an official Knight graduation and a certificate for the birthday child. Most importantly you will learn the #1 trait of the Jedi order. “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack”. Click the link below to book your adventure!

Invite Snow White to Your Princess Party in Dallas Forth Worth

Lips red as a rose, hair black as ebony, and skin as white as snow. Your child’s favorite princess will pop right out of the television for their birthday partySnow White won’t be the only royalty in attendance once she coronates your birthday child the honorary princess with a crown, then spends one on one time with each child to give face painting. She will read them a story and enchant them with singing and magic tricks! Every ball needs music and dancing, Snow White will bring ribbons and teach some princess dance moves. Find her at Royal Entertainers!

Having a Pool Party? Ariel Wants to Swim with You! Dallas Fort Worth

The Little Mermaid might live in a castle now, but her heart is still in the water. Invite her to swim with your birthday princess this year! Princess Ariel will bring fun games for your party group to play in the water and teach them how to swim like mermaids. She will sing songs with them and bring out a speaker for some water bubble dancing! Her and her pirate assistant will make sure every kid get a fun temporary tattoo, a personalized autograph card, and lots of chances for photos! Call her at Royal Entertainers!

Princess Jasmine Can Show You the World! Dallas Fort Worth

Our Arabian Princess has picked up many magic tricks from her new friend, the Genie, and wants to show them off to your party group! She will need a magic assistant, and who better to choose than the honorary birthday princessPrincess Jasmine will give everyone lovely face paint designs of their choosing, and make them feel like they are flying through the air with a dance party. She will also get them involved in an interactive story time before taking photos and signing autographs! Call her at Royal Entertainers!