Invite a Princess to your Next Celebration!

Invite one of our beautiful princesses to your next birthday party! She will be sure to enchant your guests with her lovely personality and gorgeous singing voice. All of our princesses will entertain your little princes and princesses with story time, magic tricks, ribbon dancing and even lead your guests in the cake ceremony for the birthday princess. Book now to add some magic into your life!

Spring is almost here! Invite one of our magical Floral Fairies to your next garden party!

Spring is almost here! Invite our beautiful floral fairies for your next event! They will add so much magic and beauty with their vibrant colored dresses and iridescent wings. Our Fairies will lead you little guests in ribbon dancing with whimsical ribbon wands, perform magic tricks and even paint beautiful designs on their faces complete with fairy dust! Click the “Book Now” tab today to add a little sparkle to your life!

Is your kid a fan of Jojo? Hire Jojo’s #1 fan to come to your birthday part!

Jojo and her big sparkly bows have taken over the nation, and our Jojo character is the perfect embodiment of everything your kid loves about her! Our Jojo oufit is custom designed, with every color of the rainbow and bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. She also comes with her iconic blonde hair in a ponytail, and of course a big sparkly bow. Jojo loves talking about all things related to singing and dancing, and she would love to have fun and dance with you and your little ones! She brings a little magic wherever she goes, and has really fun, upbeat energy. Hire Jojo for your kid’s birthday party today!

Hire Elsa and Anna for your Frozen themed birthday party!

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, there is no better way to make it magical than to hire our frozen parody characters! The Snow Queen and Ice Princess are our most popular characters, and have been for years. Our characters are perfect for zoom parties, social distancing visits, and safely conducted gatherings. They are not only kind, sweet, and fun, but all of our performers are trained singers, face painters, and magicians. Our costumes are custom designed and of the highest quality. At this point, we offer many different options for outfits as well. For our Ice Queen, we offer her classic “Let it Go” dress from Frozen 1, her mountain jacket dress from Frozen 2, and her iconic white “Show Yourself” dress from Frozen 2. For our Snow Princess, we offer her classic Frozen 1 outfit, her Coronation gown from Frozen 1, her adorable mountain outfit from Frozen 2, and also her “Queen Anna” dress from Frozen 2. Don’t wait until it’s too late, hire our Frozen parody characters before they’re already booked!

Are you a fan of the LOL Dolls? Hire an LOL Doll for your child’s birthday party!

This year, one of the #1 toys that Santa’s elves were asked to make were LOL Dolls, and it’s obvious why — they are definitely some of our favorite toys that are sweeping the nation! We have Queen Bee, Splash Queen, the Unicorn, and of course Curious Cutie! These costumes are all larger than life, and are extremely fun and whimsical. And, of them have more sparkles than you can count! Our LOL Dolls are all trained facepainters, balloon twisters, singers, and dancers. Our standard LOL doll party package includes: a special coronation moment for the birthday child in which they are given a crown that they can keep, facepainting, a dance party with ribbon wands, the birthday cake ceremony, photos, and autograph cards. Don’t hesitate, hire an LOL doll for your child’s birthday party!

Curious Cutie
LOL Unicorn

Invite Rapunzel to Make your Little One’s Birthday the BEST DAY EVER!

Would you like to add some magic to your little ones special day? Invite Rapunzel to visit from her tower! She Would love to be a part of a Social Distance visit, small group visit, or a zoom party! Rapunzel will perform a coronation for the birthday girl naming her the official princess of the day, sing her favorite songs and perform magic tricks. Click the “Book Now” tab to have the BEST DAY EVER!

Princess Theme Characters in San Diego

Would you like to add some magic to your upcoming event? Invite our beautiful princesses to help you celebrate! They would love to crown your birthday girl the princess for the day with a sparkling tiara, use their beautiful voices to sing their signature songs, teach dancing and more! Click the”Book Now” tab to start your happily ever after!

Superhero Theme Characters in San Diego

Are you ready to have a super day and meet your heroes!? Invite our superheroes to your next event! They are sure to add some action and fun to any event. They will train your little ones how to be super, twist balloons, perform magic and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to get started!

Mal and Evie Descendants Theme Characters in San Diego

These villains are rotten to the core! invite our Descendants themed characters to your next party! They will be sure to ooze evil and entertain your guests with face painting, magic and teach a dance to their signature songs. They will teach your little villains all the ways to be wicked. Click the “Book Now’ tab to add a little evil into your life.

Rapunzel Theme Princess Character in San Diego!

Do you have a dream?! So does Rapunzel, her dream is to visit you on your special day! She would love to leave her tower and join you for a royal celebration! She will paint beautiful designs on the little ones faces, sing her signature songs, perform magic, have a dance party and more! She will even crown the birthday girl the princess for the day with her own jeweled tiara. Click the “Book Now” tab today to add some magic to your day!