Frozen 2 Theme Characters for Birthday Party in San Diego

Are you ready to go into the unknown? Our ice queen is ready to show herself to your next event! She will even bring her sister along for the adventure. These queens arrive from the enchanted forest ready to celebrate with your little ones. They will sing, tell stories, lead dancing and even perform a coronation ceremony for your birthday girl crowning her the princess for the day. Do the next right thing and book today!

Superhero Character Visits in San Diego

Invite a superhero to entertain your little ones! Our superheros are ready to swoop in to visit with you and train your little heroes with an obstacle course with hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel to crawl through with a bad guy to defeat at the end. He can also sign autographs and sing happy birthday before he is off to save the city. Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Mermaid Birthday Party Characters in San Diego

Make a splash at your next party! The clouds are parting and the sun is shining, it’s time for some fun! Invite our colorful glam mermaids to your next event. They will crown your birthday girl the mermaid princess for the day with a sparkling tiara. Our mermaids will lead activities such as face painting, magic tricks, ribbon dancing and more! Before they head back to the ocean they will sing happy birthday to help celebrate your princess! Click the “Book Now” tab today!

Glam Mermaids

Beauty and the Beast themed Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Tale as old as time with our Beauty and her Beast. Invite this magical duo to your next celebration. They start the party with a royal coronation for your birthday girl crowning her the royal princess for the day. They will lead your guests in dancing just like they do in their beautiful ballgown. Beauty will sing their signature song and the two will lead your guests in singing happy birthday before they head back to their castle. Click the “Book Now” tab to add some magic to your next event!

Spiderman Superhero Party Character in San Diego

Spiderman is ready to swing into your next party! He is ready to teach all of your guests how to be Superheroes like him, no radioactive spider required! Spidey will take photos with all of your guests, lead them in a Superhero training course, twist balloons, sign autographs and finish off the best day ever with the cake ceremony. Click the “Book Now” tab to get your super celebration started.

Holiday Characters in San Diego

Holiday season is here! Invite the Who’s and our grumpy Grinch to help you celebrate with a little holiday cheer! Our Grinch promises not to steal any gits from under your tree but he does love to take photos with you and all of your guests. He will even read you his version of “The Night Before Christmas”. Call us now to get your celebration started!

Princess Birthday Party Character in San Diego

Invite our beautiful Sleeping Beauty princess to your next birthday party! She will be sure to enchant your guests with her lovely personality and gorgeous singing voice. She will entertain your little princes and princesses with story time, magic tricks, ribbon dancing and even lead your guests in the cake ceremony for the birthday princess. Book now to add some magic into your life!

Superhero Birthday Party Character in San Diego

Our Captain is ready to train your little guests to be the best Superheroes that they can be! Our Captain will lead your guests through a superhero obstacle course complete with hurdles, a tunnel of doom and a bad guy to be defeated! He will teach all of your little heroes the important qualities of saving the day, twist balloons and lead your guests in happy birthday. Click the “Book Now” Tab to start your adventure!

Brave Themed Princess Character in San Diego

If you could change your fate, would ya!? Change the fate of your next party by inviting Merida our BRAVE Princess. She comes all the way from Scotland to celebrate with you and train your little guests how to shoot a bow and arrow! She arrives with her bow as well as a small bow for your princesses to practice with. She will also read her story and lead your guests in happy birthday, lets hope your cake doesn’t cause anyone to turn into a bear! Click the “Book Now” tab!

Princess Party Characters in San Diego

Invite one of our beautiful princess to add a little magic to your next event. All of our princesses are authentic to character and have the sweetest personality to match. Your little princesses will love spending time with royalty. Our princesses will perform a royal coronation for the birthday girl with a jeweled tiara to keep, create magical face paint designs, sing and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to plan your next party!