American Girl Characters in San Diego

Do you love the american girls?! So do we! Invite Grace, Joss or Lea to visit you on your special day! Our American girl characters look like they stepped right out of their story. All of their costumes are accurate to the books and they would love to celebrate with you. They will read stories, perform magic, have a dance party, lead a craft time and more! They will even sing happy birthday with everyone. Click the “Book Now” tab to get started!

Toy Story Theme Characters in San Diego

To infinity and beyond! Are you ready to become a space ranger? Our intergalactic Buzz Lightyear character would love to train your little ones everything Star Command has taught him! He will lead then through an interactive space training course complete with anti gravity balance pods, mysterious space tunnel, hurdles and much more! He would love to take photos, sign autographs and lead all of your guests in singing happy birthday! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

The Little Mermaid Theme Princess Character in San Diego

Have you been enjoying the Summer weather? Make a splash with Ariel! Our mermaid would love to celebrate your birthday girl with a small group, virtual party or socially distanced visit. She will announce that the birthday girl will be the official princess for the day. She will use her beautiful voice to sing her signature songs, lead dancing and more! Click the “Book Now” tab to add some magic to your day!

Frozen 2 Theme Characters in San Diego

Would you like to go into the unknown? These queens would love to visit you for a socially distanced visit or video call! They will sing their signature songs, perform magic tricks and even give your birthday girl her own coronation day by crowning her the princess for the day! Click the “Book Now” tab to start your adventure!

Jojo Theme Character in San Diego

Do you love Jojo?! Invite our Jojo themed character to visit your little ones for a distanced visit. She will teach them a dance and lead a dance party to show off their best moves. She arrives in her fabulous rainbow outfit, signature high ponytail and bow and fabulous sunglasses. Click the “Book Now” tab to have some fun!

Batman Theme Superhero Character in San Diego!

batman batgirl
batman batgirl

Is your little hero ready to save the day? Batman would love their help saving the city from Villains! He can’t wait to train your little ones how to be real superheros with his superhero training course! This course features hurdles, balance pods, a tunnel to crawl through and even a bad guy to defeat! Batman will join in to sing happy birthday before he is off to the bat-mobile and back to Gotham City. Click the “Book Now” tab today to start your adventure!

Frozen 2 Theme Princess Characters in San Diego

Bring a smile and surprise to your little one with a visit from these Queens! These sisters would love to visit and brighten someones day. They love to sing songs, and perform magic tricks, Elsa will even show off her ice powers and make snow! They will dance and tell amazing stories of their adventures. Add some magic to your life today and click the “Book Now” tab.

Moana Island Princess Theme Character in San Diego

Celebrate your next birthday with our Island Princess! Moana will sail her boat all the way to your next party! She loves to teach hula dancing, perform magic tricks and sing her signature song! She will even crown the birthday girl the official island princess for the day. Click the “Book Now” tab to add some magic to your life!

Swimming Mermaid Pool Party Characters in San Diego

Make a splash this summer with a mermaid themed party complete with a swimming mermaid! Our mermaids are trained to lead pool games, create glitter tattoos and swim underwater in your pool! Your little ones will be so excited to spend time with a real life mermaid, she will add fun and magic to any party. Click the “Book Now” Today!

Rapunzel Theme Princess Character in San Diego

Would you like to add some magic to your little ones special day? Invite Rapunzel to visit from her tower! She Would love to be a part of a Social Distance visit, small group visit, or a zoom party! Rapunzel will perform a coronation for the birthday girl naming her the official princess of the day, sing her favorite songs and perform magic tricks. Click the “Book Now” tab to have the BEST DAY EVER!