10 Ways To Have Holiday Character Visits this Season!

10 Ways to use Holiday Event Characters in 2020:
2020 is a unique year that calls for lots of options for planning holiday events. Flexibility is key! We have the following options available and are flexible to interchange between these options as we get closer to the date of your event. We are determined to spread holiday cheer in a safe way this season!
1. Traditional Character appearance with no mask: We have performers available for our regular appearances with no mask, should this suit your event best.
2. Masked or Face Shield Character: Any of our characters are available to wear a holiday themed or costume-matching mask. The clear face shield is a great option if you would like to see the characters full face while providing protection.
3. Snowglobe Character: Any of our characters can be available in our 8ft snowglobe with props to match! This provides a great photo-op and an eye catching display. The characters can still interact with kids through the globe!
4. Social Distance Photo op: Use one of our sets to create a fun socially distanced photo zone with Santa or any of our other characters. 6ft apart could be Santa on his throne and guests sitting on giant gifts. 
5. Social Distance Banner: The banner photo op is a fun tounge-in-cheek way to document 2020 as the year of social distancing. Use one of our Holiday banners or we can print a unique banner for your event with custom logo and text. 
6. Stilt Walkers: Any of our characters can be transformed to walk on stilts! This naturally puts the characters 6ft or more from people around them! Perfect for shopping centers, large events, or anl outdoor event. Stilt walkers have lots of wow-factor!
7. Mascots: These fun eye-catching characters are fully covered and great for photo ops! Their themed mascot assistants can help manage the social distanced lines while wearing a mask. (The gingerbread men come with a holiday baker assistant!)
8. Car Parade: Create a parade route for guests in cars and have character stations along the route! Each character station is themed and provides interaction with guests driving by. For example, guests will drive by Santas Toy shop, while an Elf and Giant Teddy Bear wave or hand out a small toy. When guests enter Candyland, they see beautiful giant candy props and Princess Lolly and Mr. Mint on stilts wave or pass out candy. Beautiful, Safe and Memorable!
9. Holiday Trail: Characters will be set in their own lands/stations- Candyland, Toyshop, Santas Sleigh, Frozen wonderland, etc. Guests move through the trail in family groups and are spaced for only one group at a time in each station. Much like the car parade route, this would be on foot. Selling tickets in time slots would be beneficial. Characters would remain at least 6ft away from the trail, inside their set.
10. Mobile Characters: (perfect for communities or member associations) Invite a character or multiple characters to drive by homes or drop off gifts. Create a map/route for the characters to visit each home. They will get out of the car and knock on the door for a quick delivery or photo op on the front lawn with each family. (This can also be done on a golf cart if within the same community.)We are looking forward to hearing your creative ideas as well. As always, we can accommodate requests and new ideas.
Happy Holidays!

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