Invite our Swimming Little Mermaid & Pirate assistant to your next event!

Making a splash this summer is easy with our Swimming Little Mermaid & Pirate assistant in attendance! Our Pirate assistant will carry our finned, mermaid friend right to your pool. Our Swimming Little Mermaid will first go through Official Mermaid Training with all of the guests. She makes sure to teach everyone about swimming safety, such as always being aware of other swimmers as well as going over using safety floaties if needed. Our Swimming Little Mermaid will make sure everyone is comfortable whether they’d prefer to be closer to the pool edge, or if they feel that they’re a strong swimmer. Then, our Swimming Little Mermaid and Pirate assistant will have guests experience what it’s really like to be a mermaid when they bring out the monofins! Guests will have the opportunity to try on a mermaid fin, and to try to go through the swim rings. Our Swimming Little Mermaid & Pirate will also lead games such as sharks and minnows, and competitions for the biggest splash, fastest swimmer, best tricks, and more! They will also be able to lead a treasure dive, where guests can swim down and try to collect jewels or try and scoop pearls up from the surface of the water. Our Swimming Little Mermaid & Pirate assistant are sure to create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t wait, book now!
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