Invite our Flounder Fish Mascot & assistant to your next event!

The best way to dive right into your next celebration is by having our Flounder Fish & assistant make an appearance! Our Flounder Fish arrives with his assistant. The two work together to facilitate all of your event’s activities. This delightful duo will begin with a grand entrance with themed music playing. Our Flounder and his assistant will then create a special memory for the birthday child, as they announce the birthday child as the “birthday royalty” of the day. Our Flounder and assistant will then throw a dance party for everyone to join in on. The assistant will have ribbon wands for all to use, borrow, and dance with during this time! Then, our Flounder and assistant will have guests experience their Under the Sea Adventure Course. The adventure course features elements such as balance pods, an agility ladder, a tunnel to crawl through, and more! Our Flounder Fish will make sure to hand out his signed autograph cards as well. Then, our assistant will walk Flounder out to exit the event. During the remaining 45 mins of your event, the assistant will face paint for any and every guest who would like one! Our Flounder Fish and assistant are guaranteed to create lasting memories. Don’t wait, book now!


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