$ 225 1.5 hrs
  • Princess Coronation Ceremony: A spotlight moment for the birthday child with a tiara to keep!
  • Sparkling Facepainting for each child- about 3mins per child
  • Singing: Our professional singing characters let your little ones join in on the fun!
  • Ribbon Dancing: ribbon wands for each child to use. Interactive for both boys and girls.
  • Magic: Our themed magic will dazzle guests of all ages!
  • Photos: capture memories on their special day with a royal photo op
  • Autographed photo of the character: Collect autographs from all of your favorite characters on our collectible autograph card.
  • Cake Ceremony: Our princess will lead guests in “Happy Birthday” and capture memories you’ll never forget


$ 225 1.5 hrs
  • Superhero coronation ceremony for the birthday child: A spotlight moment with light-up superhero mask to keep
  • Super Hero training course: a full obstacle course with hurdles, a tunnel, agility ladder, balance pods, a villain to fight and a baby to save! This fun and exciting course is sure to make your little one feel like a true hero.
  • Superhero tattoos or balloon twisting
  • Autographed photos
  • Cake Ceremony and Photo op

Zoom Birthday Party

Virtual Party
$ 165 45 minutes
  • Invite your guests to a magical Zoom birthday party hosted by the character of your choice! Activities include:
  • Spotlight moment for the birthday child, announcing them the official princess or hero for the day!
  • Get-to-know-you activity: each guest introduces themselves and asks the character a question
  • Song performed by your favorite princess (heroes sing happy birthday)
  • Character Craft Time: Craft time led by the character on screen. Guest will need to be prepared with items like markers, paper, tape, glue, etc.
  • Leading "Happy Birthday" & Royal Farewell
  • Choose one of these options:
  • Virtual Magic Tea Party- with magic teapot. Grab a tea cup and cheers with your favorite princess. See her magic teapot pour different colors of tea!
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt- You favorite character will send guests on a scavenger hunt to find household items that are the birthday kids favorite color "blue"... things that start with an "S", etc. This creates a fun interactive environment with lots to share and talk about!

Video Call

FaceTime or Zoom
$ 65 15 minutes
  • Happy Birthday Song
  • Q&A with the character
  • Storytime or Magic

Recorded Video Message

$ 30 2-3 minutes
  • Watch your personalized video over and over again! The perfect gift for a child celebrating birthday, or special day or a child who needs their favorite character to cheer them up! Surprise little ones with a video message recorded just for them! 2-3mins includes:
  • Greeting by name
  • Details about the child and their celebration
  • Who the message is from i.e., "Your Grandma and Papa told me its your special day, so I am sending this message to say hello and wish you luck..."
  • Singing (all princesses will sing) or Special Effects

Social Distancing Visit

Having a car parade or would you like to see a character in-person?
$ 165 20 minutes
  • Choose a character to entertain your family outdoors or watch a car parade from your front yard, using 6ft. social distancing precautions.
  • Please note one of these selections in the comments when making your reservation:
  • Car Parade: Inviting your friends for a drive-by greeting? Using 6ft social distancing precautions, the character will stand in front of your home with the birthday child and family, to wave at guests in cars passing by. The character will then announce the birthday child the princess or hero of the day and sing a song before they say their Royal Farewell.
  • Family Social Distance Visit: Lay out a blanket in the yard and let us create magic with social distance! Using 6ft. social distancing precautions, the character will entertain on the front lawn or driveway- princess or hero coronation ceremony with a tiara or sword to keep, storytime, singing, themed magic and leading happy birthday.


$ 225 1.5 hrs