Mad Scientist


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Product Information:

The scientist is silly, fun and educational! He makes learning fun for all ages! He arrives wearing his chemically stained lab coat, kooky hair, thick safety goggles to protect his glasses. He will teach your guests about slime, different chemical reactions, and even show what happens when you add mentos to soda. As you can imagine, his parties are best performed outdoors! Your guest will leave with their very own glob of slime and and a new found love for science.

The Performer: All of our professional performers are hand selected from hundreds of applicants. We pay close attention to details, ensuring the most talented and realistic character attends your party. We have the BEST performers in the nation!The Party:
– Science Experiments: Electricity, Dry Ice, chemical reactions, etc. These interactive experiments make science fun and are magical to watch and try!
– Make your own goopy goo to take home- $2 per guest for this option.
– photo ops
– Leading the Cake Ceremony

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

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