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Product Information:

About Santa John

Santa John is fun and patient with the look of a majestic Santa shining with a joyful ambiance at every event. When away from his Christmas duties, he is often working on software in a 3-dimensional digital world and mentoring engineers. Additionally, in the Christmas off season he can be found working with high school athletes at their cross country and track events, or volunteering with scouting and church events.  He is a father of three and a godfather. He is a member of the “Real Bearded Santa’s of San Diego” and loves to spread the spirit and magic of Christmas. 

Santa's Suit & Training: 

Our Real-bearded Santas have custom-made suits with velvet, high quality faux fur, trims, gold buttons and all of the best finishings the North Pole has to offer! Santa begins training for the season at the end of summer and is trained in photo taking, storytelling, magic, and meet and greets. 

The Appearance:

Santa would love to greet your guests and take lots of photos throughout your event. In addition, he is also trained to tell Stories with magical elements added. Santa learns a new story each year, so you will never hear the same one! Here is a list of activities Santa can upon request, in addition to photo taking:

– Santa entrance with a sack full of gifts (gifts provided by the host). Santa will hand out presents at the end of the appearance and the guests can open their gifts as he makes his exit.

– Storytime

– Magic of Christmas Illusions

– Chat on Santa's Lap & photo time

With activities like gift giving and storytime incorporated into his appearance, we suggest 1hr for up to 35 children, 30 mins for up to 15 children. 

If you are planning a large scale event, you may want to account for 3-5mins per family for photos and meet and greets. 

Circuits needed:


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