Swimming Little Mermaid and Pirate Assistant


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Product Information:

Have you ever dreamed of flipping your fins with the Little Mermaid herself? Our pirate performer brings Ariel straight from the ocean to your home for the ultimate pool party celebration. 

How does it work?

A pirate assistant is included in the package to help carry the Ariel to the pool and assist with all activities. Ariel will show you how mermaids swim by demonstrating swimming, tail fillips, water flips, and more. 

Together, Ariel and the pirate will lead the following:

MERMAID TRAINING: pirates prep by getting 2 kid monofins and setting up the large swim-through rings.
1. Ariel teaches kids safety protocols: be aware of other swimmers, wear a floaty if you need one, don't pull the mermaids under, etc.
2. Ask kids about swimming skill level: are they more comfortable close to the edge, or are they a strong swimmer?
3. Kids can try on the monfins and swim through the swim rings in the water (from one side to the other). If they need assistance, the mermaid will swim along with them
5. Games: fastest swimmer competition, biggest splash, best tricks, etc
- TREASURE DIVE: Dive for Jewels or Scoop up large pearls from the surface of the pool, if you aren't a diver yet!

PIRATE SHIP RACES: Inflatable pirate ships are used to race across the water

- SHARK & MINNOWS GAME: one child is the shark. They are "it", all kids try to cross the pool from one side to the other without being tagged by the shark. Once tagged, they become the shark.
- BEACH BALL RACE: pirates give 6 kids at a time 1 squirt gun & 1 beachball. Line the kids up to race their beach balls across the pool by shooting it with water. Make sure to get all squirt guns and beach balls back afterward. 
- FREE SWIM with Ariel

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